Bahamas climate is predictable in the fall when the islands generally acquire a higher quantity of rain, but it does not quit Caribbean vacationers from flocking there.

The islands are the most well-known tourist location in the area – primarily for the reason that of the massive quantity of cruise visits embarking from several U.S. ports along the Gulf of Mexico and the east coast.

Climate in the Bahamas is cooler and rainier than most other locations in the area.

Bahamas Temperatures Even even though the islands are believed of as a Caribbean location, in reality they lie north of the Caribbean.

The northern place final results in cooler air and water temperatures from late fall to early spring.

The typical month-to-month higher temperature is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Planet Meteorological Organization.

The typical month-to-month low temperature is 69.five degrees. The typical Bahamas temperature is amongst the lowest in the area in component for the reason that the islands lie north of all other Caribbean destinations.

Bahamas Rain by Month The typical month-to-month rainfall is amongst the highest at four.six inches a month.

The typical month-to-month rain days is almost 12 per month, also amongst the highest. According to the WMO, the typical quantity of rain days by month are:

  • January – eight
  • February – six
  • March – 7
  • April – eight
  • May well – 10
  • June – 15
  • July – 17
  • August 19
  • September – 17
  • October – 15
  • November – 10
  • December -18

Bahamas climate in July, August and September has typical month-to-month higher temperatures at about 89 degrees, though peak temperatures bottom at much less than 80 degrees from December via March.

Rain averages about 7.four inches a month from June via October with a yearly higher of 9.three inches and 19 rain days in August.

Rainfall is only 1.9 inches a month from December via March.

Greatest Time to Go to Bahamas The ideal time to go to the Bahamas is late spring for the reason that of a mixture of warm temperatures and reduce danger of rain.

Any person preparing to check out the islands who desires to love ocean swimming should really steer clear of Bahamas climate in December via March for the reason that of cool climate.

If cool beaches and water are not an concern, winter is a very good time to check out for the reason that of the low possibilities for rain.

Guests also should really steer clear of Bahamas climate in June via October – and particularly June and August – for the reason that of rain.